Saturday, March 10, 2018

Affordable Luxury in a Small Space

Residential housing is in short supply worldwide. The population is growing at a faster rate than anticipated and land is becoming scarce. Apartment and condominium high-rises in planned communities and large cities provide multiple housing units, but are often too expensive for the average working person or family. The State of Hawaii is dealing with the crisis by issuing ADU Ordinances.

What is ADU?

An ADU is an accessory dwelling unit built on a specific sized lot to house one or two people. The purpose is to increase the number of affordable housing and rental units available in an area. The newest ADU Ordinance was passed in 2015 on Oahu in the greater Honolulu vicinity. Since the dimensions have to adhere to those outlined in the ordinance, residential builders typically have floor plans designed from which people choose.


Once units are built, they can be rented to provide additional income, given to son or daughter as a starter home, or used as a second home for couples whose children have grown. The couple will move into the ADU ad rent out their large house to a family, offsetting the cost. Investors can built a few homes and rent them out when completed.

Small Not Cramped

Established residential builders in Hawaii have created new divisions of the business just to accommodate the small housing market. One example is Small Cottages Hawaii, which is a division of a premier builder that has been operating since 1978. Applying extensive experience in designing and building luxury homes, to models are available that fit the ADU format. Custom units are offered as well. Go to to view floor plans.

Two Floors for Plenty of Room

Each cottage design is a one bedroom, two story dwelling. The Cozy Cottage plan has one full bathroom, while the Lighthouse Cottage option contains a full bathroom and a half bathroom. Creative storage spaces are tucked out of the way to provide open living spaces for a feeling of comfort. Details and finishing touches add a sense of luxury to the interior.

The exteriors are stunning and inviting. These creations have to be seen to be fully appreciated for the high-quality yet affordable solutions they provide people. Visit for details and contact information.